2018 Resolution update – February Disney Trip

First sorry for the delay meant to get this out at the beginning of the month.

My February goal was simple:

Enjoy Disney with the family and we did. We had such amazing weather (mid 80s every day with no rain) and had a bunch of fun each day at the parks.

This was our second trip using DVC, we booked it a little late, so we had to stay at 2 separate resorts, but in doing so we got to stay at the Polynesian. We normally would have just tried to stay at the cheapest resort, but since those weren’t available we decided to go all out. It was awesome and we are now spoiled. So much so that we have already booked the Polynesian for our next trip in August. The resort was just amazing and the closeness to Magic Kingdom was wonderful. We can take multiple routes to get there: small boat, large boat, monorail, we may could have taken a bus as well, but why would we with all those way better options. The larger boat was my favorite. It was the least crowded option and there always seem to be one ready and waiting when we needed it.

We enjoyed all 4 parks hitting he Magic Kingdom almost every night of out trip since most days it was so easy to get to.

Some of our best moments was getting picked for the front seats at Festival of the Lion King. I was chosen to do the warthog sound and Lincoln got to go up with some of the other kids (something he’s always wanted to do) and walk around with the performers during the last song.

We also had such a great time at both our sit down restaurants ‘Ohana’s and Chef Mickeys. The food was great and the characters were so much fun.

We got up right next to a giraffe on our safari ride and and an iPad ostrich followed behind us for a while as well. There were so many more great moments. We never get to do all we hope to, but with us there is always a next trip already planned so that always helps when it comes to leaving day.

So February was a success and I am working towards my March and April goals this month of finishing another book and getting an app finished and ready for the App Store. It’s been and going to continue to be a busy March!

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