March update – 2018 Resolutions update

So for March I was suppose to finish reading another book, sadly that didn’t happen. I am about half way through 2 separate books tho. So I guess that is something 🤷‍♂️.

I am currently reading Jony Ive and Screwtape Letters, in all honestly if I was dedicating the time to read that I should be, I would have finished both, but March was pretty busy and I just didn’t prioritize it. The goal is to finish at least one if not both next month, cause I know I won’t do it this month.

This months goal is to get an app in the store and I don’t think I touched the code for it once last month 😬. Hopefully I can do it 🤞. In my mind I don’t feel like there is a ton left to make it a decent 1.0 product, but I am sure all the little things will take way more time then I plan for. I am also still not sure what to charge for it or how to charge (up front, ads, IAPs)

All that being said I and making decent progress on all my other resolutions and I am hoping to make time to blog more as well in the future, I’m still doing it fully on the iPad (I love this thing). I am still contemplating getting the Smart Keyboard, but right now I think I am going to hold out to see if they do another major update on it this summer, before I spend any more money on it.

The power of streaks

It’s interesting (possibly sad) how much a streak can motivate me. I originally planned to hit my 50 days with no sweets, grab a dole whip (or 2) while on our last Disney trip. And start it back up afterwards. However, I just couldn’t let that streak end. Yesterday, I hit day 100.

I’m still not sure how long I’ll keep it up, but I’m considering forever (I know crazy talk 🤪). But I’ve lost just under 50lbs and feel great! Sweets have always been my downfall with health and with removing them completely it’s never been easier for me to lose and eat healthier.