5am wake up šŸ˜“

So, I’ve been more of a morning person most of my life, but since the kids I’ve noticed I’ve been less and less of one. Mainly, because if they happen to wake up and see someone is up they thing it’s time to get up and getting them back to sleep is near impossible. So, I joined the wife into becoming a night owl. Only problem with that is I am way more alert more productive in the mornings.

So starting today, I’m going to try and start waking up as close to 5am as possible. And the goal is to use this time to read the Bible, workout and then rotate the rest of the time for side hobbies: side apps, comics, blogging, drawing…

Only real issue I think I’m going to run into is getting enough sleep at night, but hopefully I’ll be able to work that part out before too long. šŸ¤ž

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