2019 Resolutions

Ok since last year worked out pretty well, I figured I’d give this a go again and set some new goals for this year, so here they are:


For January the focus is going to be on improving Obtain. with releasing it last month I am even more pumped to work on it. My goal for this month is to finish expanding out the complication and also get version 1.2 out before the month is over.

It’s not going to be easy, but I think I can do it 🤔


Will be all about getting to bed earlier and waking up at 5am 😴. With doing that I can focus on a few things. I can get back to working out more regularly, reading my bible in the morning rather than at midnight and work on personal project before switching over to my day job work.

Right now I am lucky to get up by 7am, so that could give me an extra 2 hours each morning.


Have read at least 2 books. Last year I had this goal in April, but I am going to be more mindful about pushing myself with reading. 🤞


Get under 200lbs. My birthday is the the middle of April, so before then I want to be under 200lbs. The last time I was under 200lbs, I was at least in Jr High, possibly even elementary school. (Honestly don’t know). So getting down below has been my ultimate weight goal since forever. So might as well make it my birthday gift to myself.


Release a second app through Minorbits. I am hoping to finish up one sooner, but giving myself a bit more time. I have a list of ideas I think I know the 2 I want to focus on for this year, but that may change, either way I want to have the second one out by May.


Start a YouTube channel. This is another one of those, I want to have it started before this time, but at the very least by June I want to have my own YouTube channel that focuses on the AppleWatch. It’s my favorite device Apple makes and developing for it these last few weeks has had it’s ups and downs, but has mostly been a ton of fun. So I want to focus on a bunch of stuff the watch can do and maybe even dive as deep as developing for it videos, cause the content for it is lacking.


Teach my boy to code. My son turns 8 this year, so I feel its a great time to learn to code and better yet he wants to learn. So all this year I want to focus on teaching him, and hopeful have him release his own app this year. I have an idea on a good starter app.


Pay off a credit card. Another main focus for this year is to make wiser financial choices and in doing to get in a better place financially. I’ve been watching a lot of Dave Ramsey’s videos and plan to read at least one of his books this year and use the EveryDollar app (even though I’m not a fan of its UI). Looking forward to one day having everything paid for and not being so stressed about money and this is the year all of that begins.


Release my 3rd app. It’s gonna be a busy, but fun year. Releasing Obtain has been so much fun, so looking forward to coming out with 2 more ones this year.


Last year I had a goal focusing on learning to draw. I don’t feel that I fully tackled it and I do enjoy it. So I am continuing that this year and in October I want to participate in Inktober where I draw something new each day. This is going to be a major challenge for me and I plan to build up to it by drawing something at least every other week to continue to improve before then. I am not sure if during Inktober you’re allowed to draw digitally, but that’s my goal. I love my iPad and plan to always use it for drawing.


Catch up month. I’m not going to hit all my goals so this month will be all about playing catch up on whatever I missed and if I do happen to hit them all then. This month can be a more restful one, not that I’ll be resting much with waking at 5am, having 3 personal apps in the store, a YouTube channel, and a full time job. Holy cow what am I getting myself into this year 😂.


Family month. Like last year I want to just focus on getting things all set for Christmas and enjoying the Holliday with my family.

So theres the goals. 2019 is gonna be a fun one!

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