2020 Is Here! 🤯

It’s time for my annual blog post about my goals for the year, this one contains another twist on things I am not going to do the normal monthly goals. Not that I don’t have goals that I could break down monthly, but this year I want to switch this blog into something else.

This year I plan to start writing more about tech, apps, my side work hobbies, and maybe even some about my day job work as well (hint its basically the same as my personal side projects as well 🤷‍♂️).

Here are some of the topics I plan to talk about:

  • Switching to iPad as my only mobile workstation.
  • Kernel iPad App.
  • Kernel Watch App Overhaul.
  • Universal Links.
  • Build out a website for my Church
  • Building tvOS app(s) (have at least 2 I may do this year)
  • Building an entire app from an iPad (maybe, we’ll see)
  • Writing about new apps I want to make this year (have like 3 in my head already)
  • Swift UI
  • General Apple Watch and iPad Topics
  • Tech and App Reviews – Which will tie in with my YouTube account.

These are just a few that quickly came to mind. Hope this interests you and if so, feel free to hit me up on twitter or wherever you find me.

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