30+ days with no sweets

So to help with hitting my July resolution (getting healthier). I’ve been avoiding sweet. So far I’ve gone 32 days without any candy, chocolate, juice…, which is a major milestone for me at least. I’m pretty horrible when it comes to snacking and sweet.

You always hear how addicting sugar is, but you never feel it until you greatly minimize your intake (sugar is in pretty much everything). Crazily, It took about 20-25 days before the cravings for it were reduced, fruit has been a great replacement.

It’s not been easy, I starter right after Christmas, so I’ve had to go through New Years and 3 birthday parties thus far. Along with many #donutfridays for the kids. And we also keep a stock pile of candy and cookies for the boys (which we limit of course), but it’s also always been there ready for me when/if I wanted it. Does my keeping track prove I have a pretty bad sweet tooth?

I don’t plan to continue this streak forever. The current goal is to keep it going until our Disney trip in a few weeks, break it with a Dole Whip (of course) and possible a few other Disney snacks (in crazy moderation) and then try to beat the streak I had set when I get back.

I feel like overall it’s still to early to say I feel way better without or any claims like that. But just the accomplishment of going without feels pretty great.

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