A week in the AppStore – Obtain Weight Tracker

So my app, Obtain has been out for a week. In that time it’s had 125 installs and 19 IAPs. Not setting any records with those numbers, but I didn’t expect to and I’m happy with the progress so far.

My goal was to get my own app in the store again any income it brings is a bonus. Yesterday 1.0.2 was released with a few more bug fixes, nothing major, also so far the app hasn’t had any reported crashes 🤜 🌲 (knock on wood).

Next up is to build the watch app, I started on it the other night and got the icon and layout finished along with requesting the data from the phone app and storing it locally on the watch. I still have a lot of optimizing to still do there, but I am hoping to finish that up this weekend. Then I’ll have to move onto the complications. I’ve never built those before so that may take a little bit of time. Goal is to have 2 sets. One for just launching the app and another for showing your progress towards your next goal (second one requiring the pro purchase, which will also be required to update your weight from the watch.)

After the watch is done I am going to add a Face ID /Touch ID /Passcode lock to the app so no one can just open the app as see your weight information. I totally understand and have used features like this before, so I want to get that out there ASAP and it should have had it in the 1.0.

Lastly I want to add in FMI (Fat Mass Index) for those that prefer that over BMI.

Goal is to have all this done sometime in January (shooting for no later then the 15th 🤞)

I also want to say thanks to all those that have downloaded, installed and gone as far to buy the IAP. It means a ton, I’m having a blast working on this app and I can’t wait to continue to improve it and create a couple more in 2019.

And if you haven’t downloaded it yet you can just click here to get it now. 😁


Also here is what the watch icon will look like. I’m overly proud/excited about it. I am far from being a designer, but “designing” this app has been a lot of fun.

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