What do you do when your app doesn’t make money?

Obtain Weight Tracker has been out for over a year now, in that time it has made me a whopping $292.65. I guess it is better than nothing. 🤔

I also haven’t showed it much love, so I am definitely partially to blame. I honestly felt the 1.0 was worth at least $500 with of sales, but the weight tracking market is rough.

I figure normally there are only so many things you can do in these cases:

  • Remove it from the store and say goodbye.
  • Make it fully free and basically stop supporting it.
  • Leave the IAP and support when bugs arise
  • Give it some love and add some much needed features and hope for the best.

The first two are probably the more obvious choices, but I know I am not ready to let it go, though I also don’t think I can justify spending time to add additional features to it right now. I still use the app myself and even though there are a few features I would love for it to have, there are some other app ideas I am more passionate about doing right now.

So I think the plan for now at least is to leave it in the store, leave the IAP, and support any bugs that arise (which hasn’t been many so far) and maybe next year around Oct/Nov I’ll try to crank out some more features in time for the New Years resolution rush.

What do you think? Be sure to hit me up on twitter if you have some different opinions.

Resolutions update – Not off to the best start

As part of monthly resolutions I like to post month updates looking back on how the last month went and how any progress made on other ones.


Sadly January didn’t go the best I just release the complication update for Obtain a couple days ago and haven’t started on the 1.2 update yet. Both of which I originally wanted done before the month was over.

What happened?

The complication update was way more then I planned for it to be I wanted to get it right and didn’t want to cut too many corners getting it all setup. I did multiple layouts and it all just added up to taking more time then I planned. But I’m still happy it is out.


I kinda forgot the first few days in February about my goal 😞. But the last couple days I’ve been waking up by 5:15. I am hoping to continue this even though it’s not the easiest it has allowed me to read and write a couple blog post the last couple days.

Other progress

I am almost finished with my first book, should have it done today or tomorrow. And I’m ahead of schedule in starting to build another app. Goal is hopefully to have it out by next month 🤞.

That’s all the updates I have for now here’s hoping I can keep doing this early morning thing and get even more ahead of schedule of other things I have planned for the year.

Looking back at last years resolutions

This year I took on some resolutions, I can’t tell you the last time I even tried them in the past, but I thought I take a different approach and had one item set for each month.

Sadly I didn’t complete them all, but overall I was still fairly please with how I did.


Use my iPad more

I’ve still had my ups and downs with the usage of my iPad, over all I feel I’ve used an iPad this year way more than any other year before. I’m also still using it to write all the posts on this blog. I also did get the new 11in and have been using it everyday since. It’s pretty amazing.


Enjoy Disney w/ family

We had such a great time! I still cant wait to stay at the Polynesian again.


Have read 2 books

Sadly I only read one book by March I know I’m awful, but I’ve read way more comics then I have in the past does that count. 🤓


1st personal app in the store

Another failure. But I did get Obtain out so 🎉


TBall season – More time with family

This was an interesting month. I went into work the first Monday of the month and found out we were out of money. It was a huge shock. Luckily I was able to find another job that I love. So I was unemployed all of May, which meant we had a great time going to Kings Island a lot.


Be better at balancing work/life

With losing the job and going switching again in November, I still haven’t really figured this one out yet, I think I have improved, just not there yet. Hopefully I’ll finally have this tackled this year.


Be Healthier then ever before.

I’m hands down healthier this year then I’ve been my entire adult life. I hit an all time low in my weight and haven’t had sweets since December 26th 2017. I’ve never felt better. I’m still not where i want to be, but I’ve never been able to maintain a loss before and that’s exactly what I have done.


Have read a total of 4 books

Nope 😔. I did finish up one last month. So that will make 2 whole books I’ve read all last year. 🤷‍♂️


Learn to draw

I’ve not progress on this as far as I would have liked, but I’ve had some great fun drawling on the iPad this year and look forward to continuing it next year and developing this skill some more.


Enjoy Disney with my Wife

Another amazing trip. This one without the kids just my wife and our best friends. It was amazing and I can’t wait till our next trip in the Spring.


2nd Personal App in store

I had such high hopes to get 2 apps out last year, it didn’t happen, but getting Obtain out was such a great feeling that I am definitely hooked now. Looking forward to updating it and releasing a couple additional apps this year


Have all the Christmas stuff done before the 15th

My wife killed it we had most of it done before the 15th.  🎉

So… How’d I do?

I personally think I did pretty well. A lot of the items weren’t too hard to make room for the harder ones, but getting healthier and getting this Obtain out (even though not on time) was very big goal for me. 

Would love you hear how your 2018 went or what you think about how I did.

Now on to 2019 goals. I’ve wrote a few things down, but trying to finalize everything, should have a post next week.

A week in the AppStore – Obtain Weight Tracker

So my app, Obtain has been out for a week. In that time it’s had 125 installs and 19 IAPs. Not setting any records with those numbers, but I didn’t expect to and I’m happy with the progress so far.

My goal was to get my own app in the store again any income it brings is a bonus. Yesterday 1.0.2 was released with a few more bug fixes, nothing major, also so far the app hasn’t had any reported crashes 🤜 🌲 (knock on wood).

Next up is to build the watch app, I started on it the other night and got the icon and layout finished along with requesting the data from the phone app and storing it locally on the watch. I still have a lot of optimizing to still do there, but I am hoping to finish that up this weekend. Then I’ll have to move onto the complications. I’ve never built those before so that may take a little bit of time. Goal is to have 2 sets. One for just launching the app and another for showing your progress towards your next goal (second one requiring the pro purchase, which will also be required to update your weight from the watch.)

After the watch is done I am going to add a Face ID /Touch ID /Passcode lock to the app so no one can just open the app as see your weight information. I totally understand and have used features like this before, so I want to get that out there ASAP and it should have had it in the 1.0.

Lastly I want to add in FMI (Fat Mass Index) for those that prefer that over BMI.

Goal is to have all this done sometime in January (shooting for no later then the 15th 🤞)

I also want to say thanks to all those that have downloaded, installed and gone as far to buy the IAP. It means a ton, I’m having a blast working on this app and I can’t wait to continue to improve it and create a couple more in 2019.

And if you haven’t downloaded it yet you can just click here to get it now. 😁


Also here is what the watch icon will look like. I’m overly proud/excited about it. I am far from being a designer, but “designing” this app has been a lot of fun.

A year with “No Sweets” 🍭

When I started this journey my goal was 50 days. I never expected or thought that I could have gone this long, but here I am 365 days later 🤷🏻‍♂️

Just to clarify here is what I’ve done, back on December 27, 2017 I decided it was time to finally try something new after reading Breaking the Stronghold of Food. I decided I would try to give up “sweets”, until our next Disney trip which was around the 50 day mark.

For me the key was to define early on what I was allowed to have. Here is what it came down to. I allowed myself to have Protein bars (usually RX Bars, but in the beginning it was the Quest ones) I also allowed myself to eat as much fruit as I wanted (grapes help a ton with sugar cravings) and finally I allowed myself to eat yogurts and not just the Greek super healthy kind. (even though I am enjoying those more and more).

Those were my rules and for 365day I have stuck too them. No cakes, no cookies, no candy bars, no Dole Whips 😢. It’s honestly not been as hard as I thought it would be the first month was rough, but after that saying no has been pretty easy.

I’m still not sure how long I will go, or really if I will allow myself to go back at all. My will power seems to work best when I just don’t give it any room. And I’ve never been able to stick with a change this long before or maintain a lower weight this long before either. So as of right now I’m in the if its not broke don’t fix it stage.

Still Working on a Weight Tracking App

My original goal for my April resolution was to finish and publish a personal App in the AppStore. My initial thought was a simple Disney app for tracking a few things while on your trip, but at the end of January a weight tracking app came to mind and I quickly switched gears and built a good 60% of the app in less then a couple weeks.

The only thing I really miss from my pre-iOS 11 life was Weightbot by Tapbots (the creators of Tweetbot), I loved that app and continued to use it even though it was never updated for the iPhone 5 screen. It was quick and great at showing me my current weight and the amount I lost since my last weigh-in, amazingly enough a lot of other apps don’t show you what you recently lost.

But just having an app with that wasn’t going to be enough, every app I’ve used in the past has you input 2 major things, your start weight and your goal weight. For me sadly these 2 numbers are usually pretty far off, so I usually lower my goal weight to something a little more obtainable and once I hit it, I change it to my next obtainable weight. So with the app I am building you’ll have you Main Goal and Mini Goals weight options. I am sure there are a few apps that do this, but I haven’t seen any and honestly, didn’t bother looking too hard, cause I had an idea and just wanted to build it.

I originally planned to have this app done by Mid-February 🤦🏻‍♂️, But instead I got it usable enough and started using it. During that time I have lost over 50lbs, I am not crediting the app for it all, I’ve made some better life choices, but the app has played a part and I have enjoyed using it to see my progress. But with focusing on health and a couple job changes. I fully just stopped working on the app until about a month ago. I’ve made some great progress during my nights and weekends and currently planning to finish it up in the next week or so. I am doing all design 😱 and code myself. The design is definitely out of my comfort zone, but its been fun.

I am super excited about finally finishing this app up. Mainly just to have my own app in the AppStore again. I haven’t had one available in over 7 years now. I’ll try to post more on here soon about it once I finish up the last couple features and add some more polish.

Personal projects and that last 10-20% to finish 😩

Why is it so hard to finish that last little bit of a personal app to get it ready for the store. I’ve worked on multiple person projects throughout my 8+ years of iOS development and only released one personal app. I’ve cranked out probably about 15 apps (with multiple updates) for work/clients. Yet mine I just can’t force myself to polish them up enough to launch.

I trying to change that this year I had the goal of releasing 2 personal apps this year. The first one was suppose to come out in April, but of course hasn’t happened yet, but I am hoping to at least finish it at some point this summer 🤞.

Only time will tell though. If anyone has any tips to help me please share.

5am wake up 😴

So, I’ve been more of a morning person most of my life, but since the kids I’ve noticed I’ve been less and less of one. Mainly, because if they happen to wake up and see someone is up they thing it’s time to get up and getting them back to sleep is near impossible. So, I joined the wife into becoming a night owl. Only problem with that is I am way more alert more productive in the mornings.

So starting today, I’m going to try and start waking up as close to 5am as possible. And the goal is to use this time to read the Bible, workout and then rotate the rest of the time for side hobbies: side apps, comics, blogging, drawing…

Only real issue I think I’m going to run into is getting enough sleep at night, but hopefully I’ll be able to work that part out before too long. 🤞

Over Half a Year With No Sweets 🍫

Today marks 195 days since I gave up eating sweets. 😱

I honestly never expected or planned to go this long without them, but it honestly feels great. Only things I’ve been eating is fruits, yogurt and my RXBars to help curve any kind of cravings, which honestly don’t happen often at all and are usually easy to ignore. Also it’s without a doubt has helped me with my weight loss and keeping it off. I stopped tracking my daily calorie intake back in April and have just fluctuated less then 5lbs. Now I still want to lose some more, so I plan to start back this week, but one thing I’ve never been able to do in the past after losing is maintain and without sweet I’ve finally done that.

I’m still not sure exactly how long I’ll keep it up at this point. I know want to go at least a full year, which get me a couple days past Christmas. But one thing I do know for sure is if I do allow myself to go back, it will be insanely limited. Like a single dole whip per Disney trip and maybe a small slice of cake on my birthday.

I know a lot of you probably think I’m crazy for going this long, but honestly I feel great! The way I feel today fully out weight all the enjoyment I would have gotten from all the sweet I would have ate in the last 195 days.

My battle with Alopecia Areata

One year ago at the end of this month we got stuck in the rain at Magic Kingdom and Tiff noticed that I had a random patch of baldness.

I just had my hair cut before we left for the trip and had never noticed it before, so I convinced myself that the guy who cut my hair must have somehow done it (it didn’t make sense, but at the time neither did this random bald spot.)

Sadly a month or so later I realized the spot was growing and not shrinking. And trying to cover it up was getting harder and harder. Which is when I did some more research and found out about Alopecia Areata.


So after a few month of fighting with trying to cover it, up I was done. My hair style had never taken me more then a minute to do and I was spending way too long each day trying to cover it up. So one Sunday after church I went straight home grab the razor and shaved it (I of course did a Mohawk first).


I did go see a doctor and had a few treatments of injections in my head, which didn’t hurt much during, but cause a pretty nasty headache the rest of the day. After insurance they were also $200 each. So after the second one I figured, to me it wasn’t worth it. If my hair grew back awesome, but I didn’t care enough about it to pay another $200 for a third treatment.

To my surprise my hair did start growing back it took a few months, but by January Most of it had filled back in, but I kept shaving for another month before finally letting it grow back out


This last week I realized I could finally spike my hair back like I used to. It’s been a crazy year, but glad to have my hair back.

There is a chance it could happen again. But it may not, people seem to be all over the place with what causes it and for some it never comes back at all. I got lucky and at least for now mine is back. If it ever falls back out, I’ll just go back to shaving it. But in the mean time I might as well enjoy my hair while it lasts.