My First Mac

Was a 700Mhz iBook G3 PowerPC. I was a diehard Windows PC fan before this system and had just finished building a fairly top of the line PC, but after buying the iBook it quickly turn into a huge floppy disk drive, which I needed to turn in college work (and yes I now feel old).

My memory isn’t the best, but I believe from that point my upgrade path went like this:
Mac #2. 17in iMac G4 – they 17in lamp looking one.

Mac #3. 15in Powerbook G4 – was so happy to finally have one.

Mac #4. MacPro (intel)- started doing more video editing.

Mac #5. MacMini (intel) – stopped doing as much video stuff.

Mac #6. 13in Macbook Pro – needed to have some portability.

Mac #7. 27in iMac – so much screen space

Mac #8. 15in Retina MBP – need to be portable again.

Mac #9. 27in iMac – yes again, used it mainly as an external monitor for a bit.

But it all started here:

Working Outside

The last couple days I’ve been working from a screened in patio of our hotel room in Orlando, Fl. Normally I am stuck in a 12×12 office in a basement with 2 glass block windows. There are definitely some distractions that come with this view (especially on the bottom floor of a hotel room), but having a water view to look up at can be very motivating. Much more then my painted blue walls could ever do.

Being a Dad – (my belated Father’s Day post)

I love being a dad. It’s by far the best things in the world. My boy is almost 2.5 and it’s crazy how fast he has grow and changed in that short amount of time. He is talking up a storm and I can actually understand most of it now. I am also proud as can be every time he wants to watch Iron Man: Armored Avengers over Mickey Mouse ClubhouseBut best of all I start off nearly every morning with him yelling “DA-DA” over and over at the top of the stair (my office is in the basement) until I respond. There is no better way I could think to start a day.My wife’s a photographer and always surprises me with amazing shots of him for fathers day. Here are just a few of my favorites.






Since vacation in October I’ve weighted around 255-259, This is far from my weight goal, but in the past I’ve always been good at either losing or gaining (mostly gaining), so it’s nice to know that I can maintain, now I just need to get to a weight worth maintaining.

Also, sometime next week I will be turning back on the feature of my scale to post my weight publicly again. I turned it off because it’s pointless when there is no progress being made.

The Disney Dining Plan

After spending 10 straight days in Disney World. I am finally back home, back to work and back to hopefully losing more weight.

I went into this vacation thinking that I could continue on with my weight loss process, but then came the dining plan…

The way it works is you get 2 meals and 1 snack each day. By the sounds of that it doesn’t sound like much, but each meal is quite large and comes with a drink and a desert itself. So it ends up being a ton of food. Yes, I could have made good choices and gotten grapes or a banana for deserts/snakes, but why would I do that when I could get a cookies and cream chocolate cookie sandwich.

Anyways that all being said when you see the weight gain I post tomorrow now you know why.

Flying with a baby (or toddler)

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in your seat on the plane and then they walk in, that person with a baby. Why! Why did they have to pick my flight to bring this soon to be(or already) crying, screaming, annoying little baby! This is going to be the worst flight ever! I’m not going to get any rest or anything done and I’m going to have a biggest headache in the world after this flight, which means my entire day is ruined!

Fast forward a few year and you may find yourself like me, on the other side holding that baby. Now instead of being worried when I see a baby getting on a flight. I am worried days in advance of how my kid will do on the flight and then get to board the flight with a bunch of people looking at me thinking the things I mentioned above. Trust me when I say my kid crying and/or screaming on a plane is a lot worst for me then it is for you, because rather then just focusing on one person (the baby) being annoying when or if it is crying/screaming. I am focusing on the entire flight of people the entire time even before my kid makes a peep.

So keep that all in mind the next time you see someone with a baby/toddler get on a plane and give them a smile. A less stressful parent could mean a less stressful baby and a lot better flight for all.

Now, that all being said my son (now about 2.5 years old) rocks at flying. He has been on 8 or more planes rides(counting layovers), first one being at 2 month old, which was crazy stressful for us (even though he slept about the entire flights both ways). Usually someone around us complements on how well he behaves for such a long period of time.

Inadequate Developer

I’ve been developing for iOS for over 3 years now and there are still numerous times where I still feel like a newbie. Not because I’ve ran into a problem I don’t instantly know how to solve, that stuff I love! It’s just this general feeling I get from time to time.
Maybe it’s because I taught myself iOS development or maybe because my only iOS friend are all online based. I’m not really sure, but if you have any thoughts or have felt the same I’d love to hear about it.