March update – 2018 Resolutions update

So for March I was suppose to finish reading another book, sadly that didn’t happen. I am about half way through 2 separate books tho. So I guess that is something 🤷‍♂️.

I am currently reading Jony Ive and Screwtape Letters, in all honestly if I was dedicating the time to read that I should be, I would have finished both, but March was pretty busy and I just didn’t prioritize it. The goal is to finish at least one if not both next month, cause I know I won’t do it this month.

This months goal is to get an app in the store and I don’t think I touched the code for it once last month 😬. Hopefully I can do it 🤞. In my mind I don’t feel like there is a ton left to make it a decent 1.0 product, but I am sure all the little things will take way more time then I plan for. I am also still not sure what to charge for it or how to charge (up front, ads, IAPs)

All that being said I and making decent progress on all my other resolutions and I am hoping to make time to blog more as well in the future, I’m still doing it fully on the iPad (I love this thing). I am still contemplating getting the Smart Keyboard, but right now I think I am going to hold out to see if they do another major update on it this summer, before I spend any more money on it.

So how’d my January resolution go?

So last month I started using my iPad Pro 10.5 more again. I really do love this thing, but after getting the iPhone X, I was blinded by its newness so I was using it for everything.

Here are a few things I’ve been using the iPad for again:

  • Reading – I just finished one of my books for my April resolution 🎉
  • Work – I use the iPad as a second screen from time to time and it’s amazing (see image below). The duet app with the Mountie+ is a great combination.
  • Entertainment – Using it for watching YouTube videos and an occasional Movie or TV show when working out.
  • Taking notes – I’ve been taking my iPad to church on Sundays and using it to take notes of the sermons. It’s really helps keep me more focused as well. 👍
  • Writing – I’m using it for this blog. All articles I’ve posted so far this year have been writing on my iPad. Currently I am using it with an external apple keyboard, but I am tempted to eventually try out the Smart Keyboard cover.
  • Reading – Ha yeah a second time, but I also love using it for reading comics it’s great.

So yeah I feel like January has been a pretty big success and I am looking forward to taking it on my vacation with me in the very near future. I also hope we eventually get some version of Xcode on this thing, so I could be even more productive on it then more of a cunsumption device.

My Dual Screen setup:

30+ days with no sweets

So to help with hitting my July resolution (getting healthier). I’ve been avoiding sweet. So far I’ve gone 32 days without any candy, chocolate, juice…, which is a major milestone for me at least. I’m pretty horrible when it comes to snacking and sweet.

You always hear how addicting sugar is, but you never feel it until you greatly minimize your intake (sugar is in pretty much everything). Crazily, It took about 20-25 days before the cravings for it were reduced, fruit has been a great replacement.

It’s not been easy, I starter right after Christmas, so I’ve had to go through New Years and 3 birthday parties thus far. Along with many #donutfridays for the kids. And we also keep a stock pile of candy and cookies for the boys (which we limit of course), but it’s also always been there ready for me when/if I wanted it. Does my keeping track prove I have a pretty bad sweet tooth?

I don’t plan to continue this streak forever. The current goal is to keep it going until our Disney trip in a few weeks, break it with a Dole Whip (of course) and possible a few other Disney snacks (in crazy moderation) and then try to beat the streak I had set when I get back.

I feel like overall it’s still to early to say I feel way better without or any claims like that. But just the accomplishment of going without feels pretty great.

Hair update.

So after 3.5 month most of my bald patch has grown back 🎉. I could probably even grow my hair back out at this point and be able to hide the remaining spots.

However, I am not sure what I am going to do right now. I actually enjoy having short hair, it takes no time in the morning to style and I can wear hats off and on throughout the day. My old hair style didn’t allow that.

Shaving my head is a paint hough and I am not a fan of the feeling of a fully shaved head. So, I gotta figure out sometime soon what I want to do. I am also not looking forward to the awkward stages that will come with growing my hair back out. 😬

Just to remind you this is the bald patch I had before I shaved my head on Oct 1st 2017:

And here is my hair today:

Today I shaved my head. 😮

Back in June of this year after getting caught in a down pour at Disney, Tiff (my wife) noticed that I had a small bald patch in my head.


It bothered me, but unless my hair was soaked it wasn’t noticeable at all. Sadly it didn’t stay like that the patch continued to grow until it reached my hair line which made it annoying to try to cover up. My old hair style too me less then 30 seconds each morning to style, now I was spending a few minutes just trying to cover up the spot in hopes that it would eventually grow back.


I did see a doctor about it who confirmed it was Alopecia areata, She also told me that my hair follicles were still there and that it should grow back. Then she  gave me cortisone injections in my head (ouch), and I get to go back at the end of the month and do it again. However in the mean time I am done trying to cover it up so after Church this morning I went ahead and shaved it all off.


So for now this is the new me. I don’t mind it. I’ll probably be wearing a lot of hats because my head is really cold already and it 70 degrees right now. So this winter is gonna be fun!


One good thing about it all is I was able to have a mohawk again for a couple minutes.


Handwriting a blog

So I’ve decided to take a different approach to blogging. Rather than type it out on a computer. I’m using an app called Nebo and writing it on my iPad with my Apple Pencil.

My handwriting is pretty horrid and after just a few sentences my hand is already starting to ache a little, but I still think it will be a fun experiment.

So what I plan to do is use Nebo to write it out, then use it’s awesome export to text feature to post to my blog. I will also be adding an image of the notes I wrote in the app so you can see just how awful my handwriting truely is and see if it improves over time. I haven’t written with a pen and paper (so to say) on a regular basis since High School which was 17 years ago! 👴🏻

I’ve been wanting to create a semi-steady blog for a while so hopefully this project will help me with that.

Also feel free to tell me I’m crazy.


I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, but today I finally can.
This morning I weighted in just under 230lbs I am 6’1.5″ tall(yes I am counting every possible half inch right now). So, by most BMI calculators that means I have finally broken out of the obese category and it feels amazing!

I’m not done yet, I still have another 30lbs or so to get into a the “normal” weight range. And in the next few weeks or less I will be posting another huge milestone, one that I am proud and not proud of at the same time. I’ll go more into details on my weight loss process once I hit that milestone.