Hair update.

So after 3.5 month most of my bald patch has grown back 🎉. I could probably even grow my hair back out at this point and be able to hide the remaining spots.

However, I am not sure what I am going to do right now. I actually enjoy having short hair, it takes no time in the morning to style and I can wear hats off and on throughout the day. My old hair style didn’t allow that.

Shaving my head is a paint hough and I am not a fan of the feeling of a fully shaved head. So, I gotta figure out sometime soon what I want to do. I am also not looking forward to the awkward stages that will come with growing my hair back out. 😬

Just to remind you this is the bald patch I had before I shaved my head on Oct 1st 2017:

And here is my hair today:

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