AirPods are magically most of the time, but when they aren’t…

You hear so many people (well tech nerds at least) about how the AirPod are their favorited Apple product in years and although they are great they are also so frustrating.

Don’t get me wrong I love my AirPod I’m on my second pair (first pairs batteries started to give out) and have had a pair since day 2. I’ve carried them with me almost every day since them and use them multiple days a week if not everyday some weeks.

My biggest issue comes with using them with multiple devices and connecting. They constantly connect and disconnect when initially switching devices and getting them to reconnect seems like this awful dance of going into Bluetooth setting sometimes turning it off, sometimes restarting the entire device and then if all else fails removing them altogether doing s hard reset on the AirPods and repairing hem and forgetting to reset the tap button until after I trigger Siri accidentally.

Maybe I am alone in this, I know it’s way better then regular Bluetooth, but I have high hopes that version 2, whenever it comes out will be better at this along with whatever other features Apple decides to crams in there.

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