I want Xcode for iPad!

Dear Apple,

Look I know it’s most likely not going to happen this year, maybe not even next. I also know if I had to program full time on an iPad it’d probably drive me crazy, but I still want it!

After building Kernel, which I wrote fully as I do all my other stuff on my 2016 15in MacBook Pro (no external monitor, keyboard or mouse). I also had to do some web stuff for the sharing feature of the app. So I turned to my 11in iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio, and Coda. There were some pain points, but mostly it was just fun.

Yes, it was different, so that may have been a lot of what made it more fun, but still it was fun! And after developing for iOS for the last 8+ years anything that can bring a little more fun into my work life is a welcomed addition.

So, I am one of the (probably) many developers who cant wait for Xcode on the iPad and I am willing to take it in whatever form you (Apple) is willing to provide, as soon as they can provide it and when you (Apple) do. I plan to challenge myself to only use Xcode on the iPad for as long as I can. I am always jealous of all the iPad only people, I wanna try that so badly, but right now there just isn’t a reasonable solution for that.

Going fully iPad may not be in my future for a while, but even just the thought of being able to leave my laptop at home while I go on a trip or vacation. And use the iPad for any possible fires that arise while I’m gone would be the dream!

So Apple, Please Please give me Xcode for iPad.

Forever your fanboy,

– Brian 🤓

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