Keeping it simple – Obtain’s Watch App

This weekend I built the watch app for Obtain. I still need to work on the complication, but I finished up the icon, interface and all the connectivity between it and the phone.

With the watch app I am keeping it simple. It displays your current weight, goal progress and the ability to add a new weight from the watch. I feel a lot of apps try to cram in too much info into their watch apps, which causes the app to take longer to load and in turn stops people from wanting to use it. Luckily my app itself was already simple, so simplifying the watch app was easy.

All in all there are only 5 variables that I need on the watch:

  • Current weight
  • Current goal (Next marker or main goal if Pro isn’t unlocked)
  • Start weight for the goal (either your start weight or last goal)
  • Weight type (pounds, stones, kilograms)
  • And if Pro was purchased (which is required to add a weight from the watch)

For now, I decided to store all these items in UserDefaults rather then bringing over CoreData or any other type of data management. In my opinion with 5 items anything else would be overkill.

All that being said. It was a blast to work on the watch app this weekend. The watch is still my favorite Apple device. Sadly, I haven’t had many chances to work on the watch so making one for Obtain was a high priority. As I stated before I still need to work on the complications and hope to finish them next weekend 🤞. I’ve never done them before so looking forward to learning something new. 🤓

Below is a short video of the watch and iPhone app doing their thing.

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