Looking back at last years resolutions

This year I took on some resolutions, I can’t tell you the last time I even tried them in the past, but I thought I take a different approach and had one item set for each month.

Sadly I didn’t complete them all, but overall I was still fairly please with how I did.


Use my iPad more

I’ve still had my ups and downs with the usage of my iPad, over all I feel I’ve used an iPad this year way more than any other year before. I’m also still using it to write all the posts on this blog. I also did get the new 11in and have been using it everyday since. It’s pretty amazing.


Enjoy Disney w/ family

We had such a great time! I still cant wait to stay at the Polynesian again.


Have read 2 books

Sadly I only read one book by March I know I’m awful, but I’ve read way more comics then I have in the past does that count. 🤓


1st personal app in the store

Another failure. But I did get Obtain out so 🎉


TBall season – More time with family

This was an interesting month. I went into work the first Monday of the month and found out we were out of money. It was a huge shock. Luckily I was able to find another job that I love. So I was unemployed all of May, which meant we had a great time going to Kings Island a lot.


Be better at balancing work/life

With losing the job and going switching again in November, I still haven’t really figured this one out yet, I think I have improved, just not there yet. Hopefully I’ll finally have this tackled this year.


Be Healthier then ever before.

I’m hands down healthier this year then I’ve been my entire adult life. I hit an all time low in my weight and haven’t had sweets since December 26th 2017. I’ve never felt better. I’m still not where i want to be, but I’ve never been able to maintain a loss before and that’s exactly what I have done.


Have read a total of 4 books

Nope 😔. I did finish up one last month. So that will make 2 whole books I’ve read all last year. 🤷‍♂️


Learn to draw

I’ve not progress on this as far as I would have liked, but I’ve had some great fun drawling on the iPad this year and look forward to continuing it next year and developing this skill some more.


Enjoy Disney with my Wife

Another amazing trip. This one without the kids just my wife and our best friends. It was amazing and I can’t wait till our next trip in the Spring.


2nd Personal App in store

I had such high hopes to get 2 apps out last year, it didn’t happen, but getting Obtain out was such a great feeling that I am definitely hooked now. Looking forward to updating it and releasing a couple additional apps this year


Have all the Christmas stuff done before the 15th

My wife killed it we had most of it done before the 15th.  🎉

So… How’d I do?

I personally think I did pretty well. A lot of the items weren’t too hard to make room for the harder ones, but getting healthier and getting this Obtain out (even though not on time) was very big goal for me. 

Would love you hear how your 2018 went or what you think about how I did.

Now on to 2019 goals. I’ve wrote a few things down, but trying to finalize everything, should have a post next week.

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