March update – 2018 Resolutions update

So for March I was suppose to finish reading another book, sadly that didn’t happen. I am about half way through 2 separate books tho. So I guess that is something 🤷‍♂️.

I am currently reading Jony Ive and Screwtape Letters, in all honestly if I was dedicating the time to read that I should be, I would have finished both, but March was pretty busy and I just didn’t prioritize it. The goal is to finish at least one if not both next month, cause I know I won’t do it this month.

This months goal is to get an app in the store and I don’t think I touched the code for it once last month 😬. Hopefully I can do it 🤞. In my mind I don’t feel like there is a ton left to make it a decent 1.0 product, but I am sure all the little things will take way more time then I plan for. I am also still not sure what to charge for it or how to charge (up front, ads, IAPs)

All that being said I and making decent progress on all my other resolutions and I am hoping to make time to blog more as well in the future, I’m still doing it fully on the iPad (I love this thing). I am still contemplating getting the Smart Keyboard, but right now I think I am going to hold out to see if they do another major update on it this summer, before I spend any more money on it.

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