My battle with Alopecia Areata

One year ago at the end of this month we got stuck in the rain at Magic Kingdom and Tiff noticed that I had a random patch of baldness.

I just had my hair cut before we left for the trip and had never noticed it before, so I convinced myself that the guy who cut my hair must have somehow done it (it didn’t make sense, but at the time neither did this random bald spot.)

Sadly a month or so later I realized the spot was growing and not shrinking. And trying to cover it up was getting harder and harder. Which is when I did some more research and found out about Alopecia Areata.


So after a few month of fighting with trying to cover it, up I was done. My hair style had never taken me more then a minute to do and I was spending way too long each day trying to cover it up. So one Sunday after church I went straight home grab the razor and shaved it (I of course did a Mohawk first).


I did go see a doctor and had a few treatments of injections in my head, which didn’t hurt much during, but cause a pretty nasty headache the rest of the day. After insurance they were also $200 each. So after the second one I figured, to me it wasn’t worth it. If my hair grew back awesome, but I didn’t care enough about it to pay another $200 for a third treatment.

To my surprise my hair did start growing back it took a few months, but by January Most of it had filled back in, but I kept shaving for another month before finally letting it grow back out


This last week I realized I could finally spike my hair back like I used to. It’s been a crazy year, but glad to have my hair back.

There is a chance it could happen again. But it may not, people seem to be all over the place with what causes it and for some it never comes back at all. I got lucky and at least for now mine is back. If it ever falls back out, I’ll just go back to shaving it. But in the mean time I might as well enjoy my hair while it lasts.

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