Resolutions update – Not off to the best start

As part of monthly resolutions I like to post month updates looking back on how the last month went and how any progress made on other ones.


Sadly January didn’t go the best I just release the complication update for Obtain a couple days ago and haven’t started on the 1.2 update yet. Both of which I originally wanted done before the month was over.

What happened?

The complication update was way more then I planned for it to be I wanted to get it right and didn’t want to cut too many corners getting it all setup. I did multiple layouts and it all just added up to taking more time then I planned. But I’m still happy it is out.


I kinda forgot the first few days in February about my goal 😞. But the last couple days I’ve been waking up by 5:15. I am hoping to continue this even though it’s not the easiest it has allowed me to read and write a couple blog post the last couple days.

Other progress

I am almost finished with my first book, should have it done today or tomorrow. And I’m ahead of schedule in starting to build another app. Goal is hopefully to have it out by next month 🤞.

That’s all the updates I have for now here’s hoping I can keep doing this early morning thing and get even more ahead of schedule of other things I have planned for the year.

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