Revisiting Obtain

A few months back I wrote a post of what I should do about Obtain. The app hadn’t and still hasn’t made much money, but it still held a special place for being my first personal app in the store in many many years. I ended up on deciding to keep it in the store. I did push an update or two since then, but it really hasn’t seen any real love in over 8 months.

With stepping away from kernel I now have some time (not a ton, but some) on my hands. So I went back in to check things out 🙈.

Little back history Obtain was my second swift project ever, so it was definitely a code and learn experience. I also developed pretty quickly (in chunks) I wrote most of it in a a week in January 2017 (I think) then polished and finished it up in November-December of 2017.

That all being said the app needs a ton of refactoring (restructuring). So that’s the first step I took a couple nights and cleaning up the main screen and plan to submit that tonight. Next I plan to refactor the other areas a bit and then I really want to add a graph view so you can see your progress visually and add direct connect to Withings so I can remove their app from my device.

After those items are done I am not sure what will be next I still have some more features I would love to add, but not sure which will be next at the moment.