So how’d my January resolution go?

So last month I started using my iPad Pro 10.5 more again. I really do love this thing, but after getting the iPhone X, I was blinded by its newness so I was using it for everything.

Here are a few things I’ve been using the iPad for again:

  • Reading – I just finished one of my books for my April resolution 🎉
  • Work – I use the iPad as a second screen from time to time and it’s amazing (see image below). The duet app with the Mountie+ is a great combination.
  • Entertainment – Using it for watching YouTube videos and an occasional Movie or TV show when working out.
  • Taking notes – I’ve been taking my iPad to church on Sundays and using it to take notes of the sermons. It’s really helps keep me more focused as well. 👍
  • Writing – I’m using it for this blog. All articles I’ve posted so far this year have been writing on my iPad. Currently I am using it with an external apple keyboard, but I am tempted to eventually try out the Smart Keyboard cover.
  • Reading – Ha yeah a second time, but I also love using it for reading comics it’s great.

So yeah I feel like January has been a pretty big success and I am looking forward to taking it on my vacation with me in the very near future. I also hope we eventually get some version of Xcode on this thing, so I could be even more productive on it then more of a cunsumption device.

My Dual Screen setup:

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