Tweaking my 2019 Resolutions

So even though last year I didn’t hit all my resolution goals I still kept fairly good track of them. This year however I’m a little more concerned with missing more of them.

I’ve been so busy with my day job and working on Kernel. So, I am going to be tweaking all my remaining goal for this year a setting up new more realistic ones. Kernel has done so well that I want to be able to focus on it the rest of this year. So an additional app this year will not be happening, but I do still plan to show Obtain some love before the year is over. So here’s the current progress and the new plan:

✅ January – Improving Obtain

❌ February – Waking up at 5am

✅ March – Have read 2 books

❌ April – Under 200lbs

✅ May – Released Kernel


My June goal was to start a YouTube channel, but I honestly don’t have time to focus on creating what I wanted to do, but I would still like to share some things while I build out features for Kernel. So I am hoping to still get a channel up and going, just not the same as I was originally planning.


This one too has stayed the same. My oldest is really wanting to learn to code and I am looking forward to trying to find the best way to help him learn it this summer.


Goal was to pay off a card. We have already cut back and eliminated a large chunk of debt, but the new goal is to pay off both of our phones. Currently we are in Apple’s monthly payment program and I am ready to just get out of it.


Old goal was to release a 3rd app. Now it is my new under 200lbs goal. 💪


Old goal was to draw something everyday, I really don’t want to give this one up, but I haven’t had time to draw anything in months, so new goal is just to draw a few things, and also focus on adding some needed features to Obtain.


Read 2 more book. I want to have at least 4 books read this year apart from my Bible and comic book reading, Hopefully I’ll get to more, but with how busy I’ve been, we will have to wait to see.


Family month. I really want to try and reduce my side work during this month and really relax and enjoy the holiday.

So there you go, Not a massive change, but enough to help me not stress as much about hitting them all.

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