What do you do when your app doesn’t make money?

Obtain Weight Tracker has been out for over a year now, in that time it has made me a whopping $292.65. I guess it is better than nothing. 🤔

I also haven’t showed it much love, so I am definitely partially to blame. I honestly felt the 1.0 was worth at least $500 with of sales, but the weight tracking market is rough.

I figure normally there are only so many things you can do in these cases:

  • Remove it from the store and say goodbye.
  • Make it fully free and basically stop supporting it.
  • Leave the IAP and support when bugs arise
  • Give it some love and add some much needed features and hope for the best.

The first two are probably the more obvious choices, but I know I am not ready to let it go, though I also don’t think I can justify spending time to add additional features to it right now. I still use the app myself and even though there are a few features I would love for it to have, there are some other app ideas I am more passionate about doing right now.

So I think the plan for now at least is to leave it in the store, leave the IAP, and support any bugs that arise (which hasn’t been many so far) and maybe next year around Oct/Nov I’ll try to crank out some more features in time for the New Years resolution rush.

What do you think? Be sure to hit me up on twitter if you have some different opinions.