Why I’m Posting My Weights Online

My current weight goals

257 – Sept 17th (day we leave for vacation) – Hit on Aug 30th

250 – Jan 1st (New Years Day)

240 – Feb 3rd (My sons 3rd birthday)
220 – Apr 19th (My birthday)

The Details

A while back I heard (I believe) Leo Laporte call it Diet by Humiliation. It’s the concept of posting your weight-ins publicly for everyone to see as a way of motivating yourself. I really liked the idea and my Withings scale has a feature to automatically post my weight-ins after stepping on the scale, but it was still a tough decision to make.

I’m fat and I’d prefer others not know just how fat I am. But then I realized it’s not something one can really hide. If you’ve seen me you instantly know I’m not skinny. So there you have it. Pretty simple reason.

Here are my current goals I’m working towards. I hope to smash all of these, but I’m just not sure how difficult that will be just yet.

Eventually I may build a dedicated page for this, but for now this works well enough for what I need.

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