Apple Watch Series 9 DOUBLE TAP - 1 Month Later

After waiting for a month, the pinch feature finally arrived. But is it truly worth the hype? 🤷‍♂️ Before I share my experience, let me clarify that the old watches did have an accessibility feature, still present in Series 9 and Ultra 2. It caters to users who may have limited hand functionality. The pinch feature, while some users in the comments seem to love it, my take is a bit different. 

The pinch feature is a nice addition, allowing you to navigate through widgets and perform actions like snoozing alarms or pausing timers. But, here’s the catch – it doesn’t do enough! 😕 

From my perspective, it feels like a last-minute addition by Apple, possibly due to time constraints or internal shifts. Some apps don’t even utilize the feature, and third-party developers are left in the dark. This lack of integration across all apps makes the pinch feature fall short of its potential. 

I think that Apple should open up this feature to third-party developers, allowing for more customization. Imagine being able to choose what the double pinch action does! 🤯 As it stands, the pinch feature is more of a novelty than a genuinely useful tool.