Apple's FIXING watchOS 10! 🤯

It’s finally happening. Apple is addressing the Watchlist 10 issues, and I’ve got the inside scoop for you. In this video, I’ll be talking about the recent updates, including improvements to battery life and a game-changing feature currently in beta. 

If you’re a watch face enthusiast like me, you’re in for a treat. Apple is bringing back the ability to swipe watch faces without entering edit mode. I know, it might seem like a small thing, but for those of us who love changing watch faces frequently, it’s a big deal. 

I’ll show you how to enable this feature, it’s kind of buried in the menus. I’ll also share my thoughts on where Apple should place this toggle for easy access and control. 

But that’s not all. I’ll discuss some lingering issues with watchOS 10, like battery life concerns and a quirky side button animation. Plus, I’ll offer tips on troubleshooting and optimizing your Apple Watch’s performance.